About Us

Janine is among the Top 5% of Realtors in the Philly Suburbs


What makes our Team so Unique …

Two for the price of one: Unlike most Realtor relationships with their clients we “double –up” and provide our clients with two Realtors to support their needs whether they are buying or selling real estate.  This approach insures that each client will have access to someone whenever they need or desire assistance.  In addition to having two Realtors to help you achieve your goals we also have other “back office” support staff to support our clients.

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A successful Realtor must be able to manage a Business: Most Realtors have no or minimal business experience.  To succeed in selling or buying properties it takes … marketing expertise … an understanding of financial issues … an appreciation for business law … and experience in negotiating agreements.  Before becoming Realtors Janine and Tom managed and owned several businesses in the following industries ….

  1. Information Technology
  2. Real Estate Investing
  3. Banking
  4. Property Management
  5. Financial Planning & Securities Analysis

Focus on Technology: The real estate industry is going through tremendous changes primarily caused by the new technologies that dramatically transform the way properties are marketed.  The new technologies also allow Realtors to introduce processes which are very efficient so that buyers and sellers can achieve their objectives in less time consuming ways.  Both Janine and Tom have substantial technology backgrounds which allow them to take advantage of these technologies.

Members of …

National Association of Realtors

Pennsylvania Association of Realtors

Suburban West Association of Realtors