eBooks for Home Sellers

If you are considering selling your home I would be happy to email you any of these eBooks or eReports.  Just click on the appropriate image and you can provide me with the needed email address.

Bryan Buffini’s Real Estate Statistics


This is a report that every Home Seller and Buyer should read.

This presentation highlights some amazing statistics that home buyers and sellers can use to help them achieve their goals.  For instance … did you know that the average home selling price was 96% of the listing price. So when sellers try to hold out for a sale price significantly above the “market” price or when buyers try to negotiate for a price significantly below the market price this usually leads to … “No Sale”.



450 Ideas for Home Sellers



This is a 50 page report with hundreds of ideas regarding how to prepare your home for sale. I hold the license to distribute this popular eBook about preparing your home for sale and I would be happy to email this eBook to you if you are considering selling your home. Just click on this image and it will take you to a page that will allow you to provide me with your email address.